Fixed Rate Refinance Loan

Are you considering refinancing your home?

Refinancing your loan is the easy way to make your monthly payment lower and more manageable. There are multiple variables to consider when refinancing such as loan terms, interest rates and duration. If you’ve paid your mortgage responsibly for years now, fixed rate refinancing is your opportunity to live a little and spend a few hundred dollars less per month for your home.

The flexibility that fixed rate refinancing provides is capable of improving your quality of life. This loan product allows you to use your home as an investment and create financial freedom at the same time you are enjoying the stability of home ownership.

Benefits of a Fixed Rate Refinance Loan
  • You can refinance you primary home, vacations home or investment properties
  • Loan periods can be as short as 10 years or as long as 30 years
  • You can pay as little as $75 to start the refinancing process
  • Many flexible options are available and vary by the lender

Why trust eHomeFunding with your Fixed Rate Refinance Loan?

Fixed Rate Refinance Loans are our specialty. From coast to coast, we’ve helped thousands of people secure refinancing. Apply now—we’ll review your options and help you find the best fit!