FHA Home Loan Refinance

Are you considering refinancing your home?

The FHA (Federal Housing Administration) refinance program is a government based initiative that was created to make sure you get favorable terms to refinance your home. The FHA itself does not loan you money for home refinancing. They do however put together the strict guidelines that other companies must follow to offer an FHA loan.

There are two types of FHA loans that you can apply for. The first is FHA Streamline which is meant for people who just want a lower payment. The second is FHA Cash Out which allows homeowners to get a loan for more than a home is worth and then pocket the difference. In both cases FHA refinance loans allow you to have flexibility as a homeowner.

Benefits of a FHA Home Loan Refinance
  • Appraisals may not be required
  • Income verification not required
  • Employment verification may not be required
  • Credit verification may not be not required
  • You could walk away from the closing table with cash

Why trust eHomeFunding with your FHA Home Loan Refinance?

FHA Home Loan Refinance is our specialty. From coast to coast, we’ve helped thousands of people secure refinancing. Apply now—we’ll review your options and help you find the best fit!