Cash Out Refinance

Are you considering refinancing your home?

A cash out refinance loan allows you to turn your homes value into real money that you can use any way you see fit. Let’s say you owe $100,000 on a house that’s worth $250,000 and you want a lower interest rate. You also want $100,000 cash to buy a business. You would be able to refinance the mortgage for a total of $200,000 giving you $100,000 to put in your bank account.

The process is generally simple, but an inexperienced mortgage broker can make it easily go awry. You’ve heard your entire life that your home is an investment – with a cash out refinance loan you can take all of the money you’ve paid to mortgage and put it towards something that you deserve.

Benefits of a Cash Out Refinance
  • You could get a new loan at a better rate
  • Use one loan to borrow against your home’s value
  • Many lenders will offer you financial incentives to choose them
  • 30 Year Fixed, Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) and other unique rates are available
  • Many flexible options are available and vary by the lender

Why trust eHomeFunding with your Cash Out Refinance Loan?

Cash Out Refinance Loans are our specialty. From coast to coast, we’ve helped thousands of people secure refinancing. Apply now—we’ll review your options and help you find the best fit!